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  • 08/01/2020 4:14 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings MIAPT Members!
    As I write this, I just came back from going out to dinner for the first time in four months. I can’t tell yet if this is a portent of the return to normalcy of life, but what I can tell you is that play therapy continues.

    We offer play as a standard of normalcy to our clients both young and old. And the MIAPT Board continues to adapt to the world that we currently live in by offering our first virtual workshop this November. We hope that you are able to participate in this unique training opportunity. Speaking of participating, we continue to offer ZOOM support meetings for all active members. These are now being held once a month. Look for email notification of the meeting in August. This is a great forum to connect with other play therapists across the state to provide support, ideas, and techniques to help us serve our clients better, plus an opportunity to meet board members as well.

    If you haven’t liked our Facebook page, please do! You’ll find lots of resources to help you in your work with clients. No matter what the future holds, play will always be a means to healing for children, not to mention a viable treatment for all our clients. And remember to play yourselves! For how can we heal others if our own souls are overwhelmed? I myself have started building Legos again. Whatever your means to play is, I hope you find it rejuvenating not only in yourselves but also for your clients.
    Play on!

    Jason Clanton, MA, LLP, Registered Play Therapist
    President, MIAPT

  • 06/09/2020 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Dear MIAPT Members,
    Summer is here, which should be a time of relaxation and fun in the sun with family and friends. Instead we are having to spend most of our time indoors with worry and uncertainty. I think all of us are experiencing cabin fever and as the weather gets warmer, I encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors and detach from our screens. Being outside is good for body, mind, and soul.

    I hope you have been able to attend some of our Zoom meetings on Saturdays where members can come together to support one another in these trying times. We will be sending a survey to help us determine how to proceed with future meetings. These meetings are an exclusive benefit for members.

    Remember to like our Facebook page and check our website for tips and techniques from past newsletters and any upcoming trainings.

    As always, play on!

    Jason Clanton, MA, LLP, Registered Play Therapist
    President, MIAPT

  • 04/08/2020 10:53 AM | Anonymous

    Dear MIAPT Members,
    I never would have thought that my first letter as President would come in such unique and challenging times. Now more than ever we need to see the value in our work, not just as play therapists, but has mental health clinicians. That being said, I want to take a moment to encourage all of us to reflect on what we as therapists are doing to engage in self-care.

    We are taught and attend numerous trainings on taking care of our clients, but very little emphasis is given on our own well-being. Is it because we don’t earn money in self-care? It is a non-billable service? We aren’t violating any explicit ethical violations? And yet by not engaging in self-care, we are indeed putting us in danger of inadvertently costing us money and potential ethics violations by leaving us susceptible to burnout and its many consequences.
    That’s why MIAPT is offering a group chat with our members to share ideas not only of telehealth interventions but also as a way of supporting each other during the quarantine and to show us all that we are not alone but in this together. Research has shown that telehealth is effective in mental health treatment and we can extrapolate that to mean that it can help us as a play therapist community to find support and encouragement in these trying times. Look for emails on dates and times when we will have these meetings.
    I hope you are finding joy in your daily lives and on behalf of the MIAPT board, if there are other ways that we can be supportive of you let, us know. As always, play on!

    Jason Clanton, MA, LLP, Registered Play Therapist
    President, MIAPT

  • 10/26/2017 3:39 PM | Anonymous

    Here are some ways you can volunteer with MIAPT 

    1. Newsletter content -Share a creative activity -Write a story or article -Format and distribute the newsletter -Share playful pictures for our newsletter 

    2. Networking meetings -Share ideas for meeting in your region -Find a free local venue for meetings -Consider starting a group in your area 

    3. Conferences (regional or annual) -Pick up and/or order food -Pick up craft supplies -Volunteer for clean-up and/or set-up -Design a flier -Find location for events -Request proposals of potential speakers 

    4. Membership updates (to add a directory) -Confirm member contact info -Consolidate/remove duplicate entries 

    **If interested in volunteering, email DCouture77@yahoo.com

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