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    • 12/02/2022
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Let's Geek Out Together: Using Pop Culture, LEGO, and Video Games in Play Therapy

    presented by Sophia Ansari, LPCC, Registered Play Therapist™

    The foundation of play therapy is to meet children where they are and to speak their language. Popular mediums such as LEGO®, video games, music, and pop culture references are the modern facilitators of that language. This workshop will equip mental health professionals with new and innovative play and expressive therapy techniques that can be used right away. Participants will also explore ways to integrate creative play therapy strategies through telehealth (both low tech and high-tech strategies).

    LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:  

    1. Apply clients’ interests in play therapy to encourage rapport building, social connection, and exploration.
    2. Apply the therapeutic powers of play with engaging media such as music, LEGO,® and video games.
    3. Demonstrate 3-4 directive and non-directive play therapy interventions to use both in person and in a telehealth session.
    4. Utilize 2-3 technological features found in Zoom to engage clients in play therapy via telehealth.

        Session limited to 50 participants.

        3 APT Non-Contact CE - This workshop meets APT's definition of "Live Webinar."

        Basic Level | Play Therapy Special Topics

        Please note that CEs are only for APT hours. 

        ABOUT OUR PRESENTER: Sophia Ansari, LPCC, Registered Play Therapist is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and Registered Play Therapist. She is an author, educator, and co-founder of the Let’s Play Therapy Institute. Sophia co-hosts Hero Nation, a podcast on the Geek Therapy Network, which celebrates diversity in the media and explores how to use geek culture in therapy. For more information on Let’s Play Therapy Institute visit letsplaytherapy.org.

        VIRTUAL: This will be a virtual workshop. Participants will be awarded APT NON-CONTACT CE after successful completion of a post test. This workshop meets APT's definition of "Live Webinar." Participants must be visible throughout the presentation. 

        MIAPT is approved by the Association for Play Therapy to offer continuing education specific to Play Therapy. APT Approved Provider 99-050. MIAPT maintains responsibility for the program.

        PHOTO RELEASE: By registering for this training, you are giving permission for MIAPT to use any photographs (screenshots) that are taken at the event containing your likeness for as long as MIAPT deems appropriate and desirable. Photographs may be used on the MIAPT website, social media pages, and/or newsletter for any purpose. By completing the registration, you are also consenting to waive any rights to the photographs indefinitely. If you do not wish to have your photo used, it is your responsibility to notify MIAPT of your request to be omitted.

        CANCELLATION POLICY: If you notify MIAPT you are canceling, and we are able to fill your spot, you will receive a refund for the registration fee minus $15 administrative fee. Cancellation requests must be made in writing. No refunds after November 11, 2022.

        EMAIL LIST: By registering for this training, you are giving MIAPT permission to add your email to our email list.

        ADA/Section 504: If you have special needs, please contact mymiapt@gmail.com.

        Skill Level: All skill levels

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