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Presidential Ponderings

08/10/2022 1:46 PM | Anonymous

Greetings Playmates!

The vegetable garden has started to produce! If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and need zucchini or cucumbers, let me know! My husband and I have been eating so many that we are about to turn green! The peas are almost done and the tomatoes, beans, okra, and squash are getting ready. My broccoli is looking rather hopeless. I’ve been harvesting herbs and have lots dried for the winter. Our dogs have found the cucumbers that have slipped through the fence and made unauthorized snacks of them. One of them pulled a towel from the countertop with peas that were just harvested and were drying. They both shared those…
MIAPT is also growing and producing! Just like the glitches involved in gardening, harvesting, and having pets who like to share, there are glitches in a growing organization. We are working on developing both a membership committee and a newsletter committee. It has been a struggle to get enough committed people on board to really get these off the ground. The committees are both excellent ways for YOU to get involved that don’t require a huge investment of time and energy. Elections for the board and nominations and elections committee members will be coming up in a couple of months. What are your interests? What holes can you help us fill? I know that I have received far more than I have contributed in new relationships, educational experiences, and the joy of being a part of a thriving organization. Please consider joining us. You won’t regret it! I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with any of you about what’s involved, answer your questions, and hear your ideas. YOU and the growing population of play therapists are why we do what we do. Call me at (616) 204-5663 and let’s talk!
Don’t forget to register for the APT conference that happens in October. This year it’s in St. Louis and there are a few of us registered to go. It’s an amazing experience learning from some of the big names in play therapy and getting to rub shoulders with people from all over. Also, check your email for the call for proposals for Saturday breakout sessions for the MIAPT 2023 Annual Conference that will take place on February 24-25, 2023.  
I’m headed out to the garden with a couple of buckets if you want to join me out there. I have to keep the dogs from eating the cucumbers that have snuck through the fence!


Diana Steketee, LLP, Registered Play Therapist
President, MIAPT 2022

2020 Raybrook Avenue, S.E., Suite 305 | Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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